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02:36 AM Thu, 01 December 2022

ATM Toll Free No. 1800 123 6230

02:36 AM Thu, 01 December 2022

ATM Toll Free No. 1800 123 6230

Personal Loan for Employees

To meet expenses for all types of personal needs including marriage celebrations, medical treatment, Repair of House.

Confirmed/permanent Employees working in: Central/State Govt., Public sector under taking, Municipal Corporation, Improvement Trust, Govt. Aided School/ Colleges, University.

Nature of Loan
Term Loan

Amount of Loan​
Equivalent to 10 Gross Salaries of employees subject to maximum of
a) RS 150000/– (Rupees one Lac fifty thousand only) after deducting the EMI carry home Salary should not be less than 40% of his gross Income.

Maximum 60 Months.

Two Suitable guarantees acceptable to the Bank.


  1. Loan Application for employee’s loan duly completed by the Salary disbursing authority and signed by the competent authority.
  2. Photograph, Identify Proof, Proof of Income, Salary certificate issued by the employer, (indicating gross and net salary).
  3. Income tax return for the last two years.
  4. Bank account statement for the last six months.
  5. Form No.16 issued by the employer.
  6. Age Proof
  7. Copy of PAN Card
  8. Address Proof – Copy of Passport, Identity Card / Voter Card, Electricity Bill etc.

Rate of Interest

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