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11:34 AM Sun, 07 June 2020

11:34 AM Sun, 07 June 2020

Other Service Charges

(1) Rent on Lockers
  • Rent on Lockers for Clients For TYPE 1 (Small) : Rs.650/-
  • Rent on Lockers for Clients For TYPE 2 (Medium) : Rs.1550/-
  • Rent on Lockers for Clients For TYPE 3 (Large) : Rs.3500/-
  • Rent on Lockers for Clients For TYPE 4 (Extra Large) : Rs.5000/-
  • Rent on Lockers for Clients For TYPE 5 (Big) : Rs.6500/-
(2) Stop Payment Instructions
  • Rs. 50/- per instrument for all types of accounts .
  • Rs. 50/- per document for stop payment of Demand Draft.
(3) Duplicate Statements / Pass Books
  • Computerised Branches : Rs.50/- per pass book at computerized branches recording latest outstanding balances only. Charges for previous entries, if required, @ Rs. 40/- per ledger page or part thereof. (For accounts maintained on computer 40 entries or part thereof to be treated as one ledger page).
(4) Issue of Duplicate Instruments on Execution of Indemnity Bond etc.
  • Upto Rs.5000/- Rs.50/- per instrument
  • Above Rs.5000/- Rs.100/- per instrument
(5) Revalidation of Drafts
  • ​Rs.30/- per instrument.
(6) Cancellation of Demand Drafts / Payment Orders
  • Rs 50/- per instrument for Demand drafts
  • Rs.50/- Per instrument for P.O.
(7) Issuance of Balance Certificate / No Objection Certificate
  • Rs.50/- Per certificate.

Note : No charges for issue of NOC in favour of branches of the bank.

(8) Cheque Book Charges
  • Current a/c and Cash Credit a/c Rs.3/- per leaf
  • Saving Bank a/c Rs.3/- per leaf

Note : Only 20 cheque leaves will be allowed free to Saving Bank a/c holder in a calendar year

(9) Cash Handling Charges

Cash handing charges to be recovered from account holders maintaining their Current accounts only for clearing purposes as under

  • Upto Rs.100000/- : Nil
  • Above Rs.100000/-  : Rs.100.00 (Per Lac)

In addition to above charges Service tax applicable as per rules

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